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Punk Rock Opera @ SXSW, The Spider House for Weinermania

Wow, So were driving to Texas. in the first thing we might even be able to call a tour. a Texas and back tour, so ya know, not a tour. anyway. We are going to be playing at the Spider house with a bunch of other hotdog bands that have cassette tapes. we also MIGHT be able to play another show down there. and are also hoping to hop on something in Tuscon but we will have to see. See you there!

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Punk Rock Opera @ The Whiskey a Go Go, ALBUM RELEASE

Here it is. We're putting out an album and we're going to play the Whiskey a go-go to do it. I know I'm always asking for support from you fine folks, always asking you to come to some crazy place and watch us play. But this time we really are in a crazy place, crazy for us. We could stay in this garage forever and keep recording albums and playing around the places we know, but that's something comfortable, something we know we can do. this is uncomfortable, this a stretch, a dream, something new and honestly a little scary. So that's why I'm hoping you'll come join us, come bring the Punk Rock Opera to this iconic place and make it something grand. our own little opera community... Will you please come join us?

Also if you come to this show you'll get a free Nerve Damage CD a week before they're suppose to come out.

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